2017- A Recollection of the Year

Just when we step into something new, we always get in the mood to recollect everything that happened in the previous days. As we step in 2018, we fondly look back at some of our best memories from 2017. Retrospection often leads to throwback and here we are recollecting the year that 2017 was for Sawansukha Jewellers. From fun events to prestigious awards, here are a few highlights from the year.

September proved once again that Sawansukha Jewellers stands second to none. Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha was recognized by Jury as the Young Turk of the year in the Designer category. Creating edgy and innovative designs have always been the forte for Sawansukha Jewellers and being awarded for that simply motivates us to continue designing many such pieces

October began as we got featured in Femina Wedding Times, where the CEO of Sawansukha Jewellers, Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha forecasted the latest jewellery trends for Wedding Season

Sawansukha Jewellers had a fun event in association with Simaaya where we delightfully adorned the beauties from Tollywood with our stellar pieces. And what was even better was being covered by T2

Ending a year with memories of Siddhartha Sawansukha receiving the prestigious Rashtriya Gaurav Award is surely the best way. December brought us a wonderful       recognition from India International Friendship Society for the outstanding contribution and service in lieu of the Yeoman services for the excellence and contribution in the field of jewellery.

Being featured in Retail Jeweller India magazine was a great boost to our motivation. The CEO of Sawansukha Jewellers, Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha’s take on bringing forward the real artist was awarded the best print campaign of the year and that surely created one of the fondest memories of 2017

The month of December started with a bang for Sawansukha Jewellers, as we were honored as India’s Most Preferred Jeweller. Every recognitions we receive motivates us to work even harder and live up to the expectations of our patrons.