3 Tips to Buy a Genuine Solitaire

A solitaire diamond is a precious piece of jewel. Everybody loves diamond and when it is a solitaire, it stands proudly as a jewel of jewels. However, when you are going to invest in a solitaire diamond, you must pay attention to a few factors. Following are few tips on what to check and how to choose a good, genuine and beautiful solitaire diamond. Let us take a look:

  • The first thing that you need to check out is the color of the solitaire. Look for the whitest diamonds. The whitest ones are said to be the best and the most beautiful ones. The dazzling quality of a diamond depends on the whiteness of it and the whiter it is the more dazzling and bright it would be.
  • Secondly, you need to pay attention to the cut of the solitaire. A diamond solitaire, that has symmetrical, evenly cut sides, would be one that reflects life evenly and shines brightly. The brilliance of a solitaire greatly depends on the facets and the symmetry of the facets. If the sides are evenly shaped and cut, they would reflect light better and they would dazzle light.
  • Look for clarity. Clarity refers to the perfection of the diamond. There must not be scratches, marks, spots or blemishes on the diamond. Trace minerals, tiny cracks, and any kind of surface blemishes can be counted as imperfections or flaws. Even when you are looking at the diamond with a 10 time magnification, you must not find flaws. A flawless solitaire is one that would be the priciest and most beautiful.

Diamonds are forever, and when you invest in an authentic and genuine piece, you can stay assured that you would be able to flaunt it for years to come. Therefore, invest in a quality product. Take your time, check for quality and make sure that authenticity and genuineness are your top priority.

Visit authentic stores and do not hesitate to check and cross check about the store, as well as the product. A solitaire is an expensive piece of jewellery and you must make sure that you are investing in a quality brand and product.