Best Jadau Jewellery in Kolkata

Bengal’s Enduring Legacy in Jewellery Manufacturing


Bengal is best known for jewellery manufacturing for a long time. This industry has grown by leaps and bounds and became one of the most lucrative sources of revenue for the state. Bengal capital Kolkata is one of the trailblazers in designer jadau jewellery making as the skilled artisans, unique designs, extreme diversity and intricate finishing make statements in the field of stone, jadau and minakari jewellery manufacturing sector.

What Signifies The Jadau


Jadau jewellery is very labor intensive form of jewellery making originated in the northern part of India but gradually adored in the southern part as well. It is said that this specific form was brought to India by the Mughals and as the days passed on Indian artisans mastered the art and modified it with many unique blends enough to call it their own. Combined with gold and beautiful minakari work, this distinct art form became successful in captivating endless connoisseurs.

The making of one single piece of jadau jewellery includes a team work by artisans, assigning each a specific task. The basic design is made by the craftsman then comes the engraving followed by setting and the last group of workers carry out the enamel work. The jadau jewellery making process involves beating and heating pure gold till it become pliable. A motif is made and lac is filled in the hollows of the motifs to set the precious stones in the appropriate spaces. Once the stones are set the enameller proceeds with minakari work resulting in a stunning piece of jewellery.

The Competition This Industry Faces Nowadays


The emerging trend in exclusive jadau jewellery in Kolkata faces cutthroat competition; the old gold jewellery takes the first place and earns the most revenue followed by diamond jewellery. The new generation prefers light weight delicate jewellery and so the old tradition of jadau and kundan is somehow losing the market.

The demand of statement jewellery making is increasing in the present days and thanks to skilled artisans and best jewellery shops such as Sawansukha jewelers that the demand for the traditional crafted jewellery did not decline especially during weddings and festive seasons.