Best Jewellery Designing Institutes Around the World: Some Interesting Facts to Know!

SIG in Kolkata


The notion of education has broadened and it has now become a very faciliting concept for those who want to travel the world with an academic mission. Whether it be arts, science, fashion, creative designing or any other subject oriented matter a lot of people have migrated to foreign places and got enrolled in top class universities to earn valuable degrees. If we only concentrate upon jewellery designing there are many big names that seems absolutely workable in this industry. To take a peek at those branded ones which have attained international fame we have to first go through the list of the toppers. 

• First in line comes the most celebrated institute: the gemological institute of America which has a counter college in almost all parts of the world.
• Then there is the city college Manchester which offers a part time and a full time course to all the aspiring talents wanting to curve their own identity in the fashion industry.
• Alberta College of art is also one of the most renowned centres that provide top class training to its students.
• California Institute of jewelry training is another of those potentials which have firmly established itself amongst the top notch universities
• Instituo Politecnico Internationale, Della Moda of Italian origin reckons itself as one of the most popular choice amongst the colleges providing fashion and jewellery designing.
Apart from these universities India is the only Asian country that has several prestigious institutes offering jewellery designing as a diploma and a certificate course. One can choose from the plethora of the packages that are offered by names like, JDTI, IDI Surat Gemological institute of India and SIG or Sawanaukh Institute of Gemology and Jewellery Design. Producing many world famous craftsman over time these institutes are working towards expanding the scope and career of jewellery designers in the Asian world.