Changing Trends in Indian Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery completes a bride. It prepares her for the most significant day of her life. It increases her beauty and charms the onlookers. Earlier bridal jewellery was chiefly considered as investments and aptly known as stridhan. So, heavy ornaments were more in fashion in those days. But these ornaments were not suitable for everyday use and in fact it was expected that the bride would store it up for future security.

New Focus: However, this is not the trend now. Brides today don’t need to depend on stridhan – they rather see jewellery not only as an investment but as an accessory as well.  The reason for this is but obvious. Today’s women are not confined within the house. They are participating in all sort of social as well as commercial activities along with their fellow men. They are running corporate houses, doing business and taking up responsible jobs. Indeed they are doing everything that was traditionally ascribed to the men folk only. Therefore today’s women want to possess bridal jewellery that they can also use while attending a party or even a business meeting. As a result different manufacturers are also focusing on making light weighted bridal jewellery suitable for every day use.

The Amalgamation: Minimalism is also a major influence on today’s bridal jewellery. Extremely ornate and gorgeous jewellery is quite out of fashion now. Today’s bridal jewellery is much more serene and innovative. However, tradition is not totally barred from the sphere of bridal jewellery. Even today there are brides who like the traditional styles. They like the kundan Jadau, or traditional Bengali jewellery – even though they might wear it just on their special occasions. However, the current trend is to add something new to the traditional types. The brides today even when opting for traditional are keen on selecting the ones which have a spark of innovativeness.