Choices of Perfect Bridal Necklace

Of all jewelry that can accentuate the look of a bride, necklace is the most important and indispensable item. Without necklace no bridal look stands complete. Worn around the neck, this type of jewelry divides the chest region from the facial part; as such it helps define the shape of the upper part of the body. Therefore choosing the right kind of bridal necklace is important because on your D day you don’t want to look cluttered or odd when wearing the necklace. Here we will help you decide on the type of necklace that would suit your body shape:

Choker: If you have a long slender neck then the choker is perfect for you. The choker has drawstrings so that you can adjust its position, either at the centre of your neck or at the neck bridge. The choker is always worn with other complimenting neck ornaments. People with short neck or round face should avoid chokers. 

Three strings Jadau: The Jadau is a special make with uncut stones and diamonds and is one of the most popular choices in the genre of wedding jewellery. The three strings Jadau is a special kind of necklace which is both illustrious and elaborate. Therefore three strings Jadau gives a wholesome look and as such you don’t need wear any other necklaces. Three strings Jadau set can be worn by any body types.

Sita Har: Typical to Bengali tradition, the Sita Har wedding chain has been experimented and evolved in a variety of designs. The Sita Har is a lengthy chain that comes down to the naval region. While the motifs and designs can vary, one of the most popular element in Sita Har is the use of Guinea. A classic neck ornament Sita Har, like three strings Jadau looks good on all body types.

The Ornate Kundan Meenakari Necklace: Inspired by Rajasthani art, the Kundan Meenakari necklace is done in multi-colour enamels with studded stones. You can combine the look of the choker and that of the regular necklace in one piece and make it a standout design.

No matter the type of necklace you choose, just don’t forget that it should compliment your bridal trousseau and not overshadow it. Its best take advice from a reputed designer jewellery house on the make and look of your wedding necklace.