Tips to Buy the Best Solitaire Ring: Choose As Per the Shape of Your Hand

Before you buy a stunning solitaire its better you know how to choose a ring as per your hand shape. Here you have six different categories of solitaire shapes to make your hand look beautiful.

Pear solitaire: This is a perfect wear for those who have round fingers. A pear shape solitaire is round at one end and is pointed on the other. Pear shape solitaire sits as a crown and has a classy feel about it. If you have a square shape hand the pear solitaire will suit you well. The roundish shape will make your hand look delicate.

Round solitaire: Almost 75 percent of all diamonds sold are round solitaires. Therefore there remains little doubt that this is the most popular shape in solitaires. Round solitaires generally suit most hand types. But they look best on slender fingers and skinny hands.

Square Solitaires: Square solitaires are to be worn by those who have big hands. The square shape has a dominating appearance, outsmart and bold. It has an edge about it, a style unparallel and quintessential.

Cushion Solitaires:
These are rectangles with rounded edges. The cushion solitaires look good on plump hands as they make the hand look slender and slim.

Oval Solitaires: the oval shape stands midway to an entire pear or round solitaire. Because the shape lacks definite pointy edges is looks good on smaller hands. When choosing from the various oval solitaires look for good band structures. The band, especially of oval solitaires can make a huge difference in the appearance of the ring.

Heart Solitaires: This is one shape that looks good on all hand types. You can select from a variety of heart solitaire designs and bands. The heart solitaires come in multiple options. To get the best designs contact a renowned jewellery designing house.