Diamonds Are Forever

Bright, dazzling and sparkling diamonds are indubitably covetous for generations. Someone said that diamonds are girl’s best friend but men are attracted to this precious stone as well. Diamond has a passionate connection with romantic love but on the contrary who does not know about the world famous diamond Koh-I-Noor and all the curses it bore! A fourteenth century Hindu scripture says like this, ‘He who owns this diamond will own the world but will also know all its misfortunes’.

Increasing Love for Diamonds among Connoisseurs

The emerging manufacturing industry of diamonds can roar only because easy availability of skilled and cheap labor. The small sized diamonds that are used as raw material is very popular among the customers along with intricate designs.

The Competitive Market

In today’s scenario India focuses on the Chinese market that has been playing a pivotal role in global gem and jewellery market. India bags good orders from Trade fairs in Hong Kong and Macau. According to the manufacturers ruling in Indian diamond market China has an immense opportunity regarding diamond trading. India always had the best market for gold and diamond and they still continue to be on the upper side of international market. Nowadays gold continues to be a safe haven in a period of uncertainty; more people prefer to go for sparkling diamonds.

Kolkata’s Focal Role in Merchandizing Diamonds

Best diamond Jeweler in Kolkata such as Sawansukha penetrates the market with its niche customer base by evergreen designs and huge sophistication.

Bengal’s market for bijouterie is currently around Rs 2500crs and is one of the oldest hubs presented in India. The sole problem this market faces is the irregular supply of raw materials; irrespective of constraints the industry is dwelling it is growing at a healthy rate in this city.

Diamonds fall under the rarest category that can mesmerize the beholder. It symbolizes eternal love along with pride, fame, heritage and sentiment. India plays a significant role in making this precious stone accessible globally almost for every woman. Now people are investing in diamonds with value appreciation motive as this bauble has enormous universal appeal.