Does Creativity Need Mentoring?

Modern Mentors' Jewellery Design Support System

Creativity can be defined as an innate potential to observe common place and banal things in a unique manner. When it comes to designing jewellery creativity has much to do with combining art and technology in a congruent balance. Distinct interpretative and individualistic approach is much the hallmark of Creativity when measured in such fortes.

 Nonetheless every road has a direction and every purpose a guided motive. When weighed for practical application creativity should be steadily tutored by deliberation to attain perfection through knowledge, lesson and understanding of a particular subject.
Jewellery designing is both an art and a science. So without proper mentorship an aspiring designer cannot learn the secrets of the trade. This vein has propelled various designing institutes to crop up all round the city.

Most of these institute clubs together with industrious names and designing houses to provide good opportunities to their students. While the budding designers have the potentials these institutes with their capable facilities help realize the career zeal of all individuals learning with them. what is more amazing is the fact that these institutes provide good exposure to the industry interface and till date many students have been privileged to earn intern ship programs with very many famous national designers.

With the help of such mentorship programs jewellery designing has become a lucrative profession choice with thousands all over the country. A new door has opened and with it has opened the scope to explore new avenues of life. However much of this is it proposed should be done with practice than with the mere confidence of posing an ingenious mind. Sawansukha Institute of Gemology and Jewellery Design under guidance of expert stalwarts from the fashion industry invite all aspiring jewellery designers to make their dreams come true.