Glimpses of Durga Puja 2014 in USA

Durga Puja is not only celebrated in India but also around the globe. Bengalis have taken her to all parts of the world where she has been revered by all communities.

Durga Puja symbolizes victory over evil both on a personal level and in society at large. Here are some glimpses of how Durga Puja is celebrated in USA this year.

Durga Puja is also about the annual visit of goddess Durga with her children to her ancestral home on earth, and her reunion with Shiva on Vijayadashami i.e, the last day of the Navratri. She is the destroyer of all evil and embodiment of power.

Durga Puja is organized by communities of Indians in the United States. It is observed in all the 50 states.

In some states like New York, New Jersey, California, Texas etc. around 25 to 40 pujas are organized. Some of the notable pujas are: Kallol and Bharat Sevasram in New Jersey; Prabasi at Sun Francisco Bay Area.

Some of these pujos attract huge crowd numbering over thousand people.

Glimpses of Some More Durga Pujas in USA:

Probashi Kundan Sen writes from New York-

“Getting the big box of traditional Indian wear out from the basement, airing them, picking out the best ones from the stack of new panjabis and sarees accumulated over the years for their once-yearly wear. Getting kids dressed up in what they think is costumes. Women in the family put up every piece of jewelry they possess, like a living version of Monihara. Load everyone into the car, get to the puja venue, remember to take the checkbook for “Chanda”.

Attend the pujas, the once a year opportunity to hear dhak-dhol, smell dhuno, and be in the vicinity of a few hundred Bangalis with Bangali conversation in the air. Search out for the possible stall selling Anandamela Pujabarshiki.

Have khichudi and labra, rossogolla and chutney, perhaps a papad bhaja. If the venue is a non religious one, perhaps goat curry. Have lunch when we usually have dinner, and dinner when we are usually well past our bedtime. Soak in the bengali vibes to last us the next 12 months.”

Durga Puja makes bonding of people stronger and also socializes them.