Glimpses of Durga Puja in 2014 in Africa

Durga puja is simply the grand celebration of numerous cultural events and rituals of Bengali culture. The arrival of Ma Durga symbolizes the triumph of good powers over evil. This is perfect mixture of activities like buying new clothes new jewelry, seeking elders’ blessings, idols of kumartuli taking proper shapes, bringing Ma Uma home, listening to the grandfathers’ radio on the day of Mahalaya.

Durga puja also includes the worship of lord Shiva. Ma returns with her four children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartikeya. It is a celebration of joy and glory as the goddess defeats the evil powers. She shaves the worlds by vanquishing demon Mahishasura.

This grand event has been celebrated continents like Africa. Take instance of South Africa where Probasi Bengalis celebrate Durga puja with lots of glitz and glamour. Durga puja is perhaps the only occasion when all Bengalis come together to enjoy this cultural event and meet up the dear ones.

With traditional food, music, colours, all the rituals are performed. In the early morning they gather for the puspanjali, elders observe all the rituals with lot of devotion, kids enjoy with their pals, puja organizers are busy with their organizing tasks, women cut fruits, arrange garlands, flowers, help children receive Prasad, others indulge into dance, chat, eating, etc.

Also the traditional dhunuchi naach makes the whole atmosphere smoke-filled. People of all ages dance with dhaak. On the last days the processions are arranged with lot of pomp and ceremonious charm.