Glimpses of Durga Puja in 2014 in South East Asia

Bengal’s Durga puja is the biggest festival which mixes various activities such as receiving blessings of elders, kids are exciting over their long holidays, people are stormed into stores and shoes to get the best looking dresses with accessories to their best, also they love doing the typical adda in the puja pandals with their dear ones as it is time to meet up the relatives and friends after a long time.

Durga puja is the time to relish some of the best Bengali traditional dishes like khichuri, labra, begun bhaja, payes, chutney all are simply yummy. But the Durga puja has not limited only in the Bengal it has crossed all the geographical boundaries.

Take for example the puja of Far East Asia like Singapore and Malaysia where every year Probasi Bengalis celebrate the triumph of good power over evil. They welcome goddess of Shakti with same enthusiasm and devotion and follow all the rituals with lot of dedication.

Right from the vary beginning to the immersion of the goddess the puja organizers take special care of all aspects of the puja. Artists and idols are taken from the Bengal due to the flexible communication. Women and young girls take the responsibility of cutting fruits, creating beautiful alpana, distributing Prasad, arranging flowers, calling out everyone for auspicious puspanjali.

In Malaysia & Singapore, the Malaysian Bengalee Association and the Bengali Association of Singapore celebrate Durga Puja with Bhog distribution and Anjali along with cultural programs every year.Bengalis are fond of tradition and culture even in foreign land they love to feature all the aspects related to this grand event.