Glimpses of pujas in 2014 in Australia

To all Bengalis Durga puja is special. This grand event is celebrated with lot of magnificence and splendour. The 3-4 day celebration with Ma Uma and her family is simply sumptuous and action packed. On the day of Mahalaya, Ma Uma starts her journey from Kailash to reach her ancestral home with her four children.

The entire month carries the feel of her presence in the home; the kaash flowers moving together, pretty looking sheuli flowers spreading mesmerizing smell, stunning smiling jasmine all are simply gorgeous.

But the grand Durga puja has not only been celebrated in Bengal, it has been celebrated with the same magnanimity in other countries. Take example of Melbourne, Australia where every year Probasi Bengalis gather to celebrate Durga puja.

On the day of Maha Shashti the face of the goddess is revealed. Bodhon is performed. The next day on Maha Shaptami, kola bow receives a holy bath. On the day of Saptami, nine types of plants are worshipped. The next day Probasis celebrate the triumph of good over buffalo-demon Mahishasura. Sandhi puja which is another attraction of the day connects the day with Maha Nabami.

On the day of maha Nabami, everyone immerse into maha ‘arati’ and enjoy traditional mouth watering Bengali food like Khichuri, labra, chutney, begun bhaja, payesh etc.

They participate in every auspicious aspect of the puja.

Also being away from home does not make them shy away from participating in the traditional dhunuchi naach. Also they love to dance with the dhak.

Even the last day on dashami, married women play Sindur khela with heavy hearts as it is to bid adieu to Ma Uma. In Australia, the major Durga Puja festival were held in Sydney and Melbourne.

They are also held very grandly in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Bhog Distribution, Cultural Programmes, anjali and dhunuchi naach were the main events.

BANSW and BPCSV were the main organizers in Sydney and Melbourne respectively.