Kolkata Designer Jeweller Unveils Some Innovative Design Facts

Innovation in the art of making jewellery is much about symmetry, alignment and fusion. The technical part also has a considerable influence when it comes to innovative jewellery. However in this article we will try to provide a brief overview on some very famous styles that defines Innovation.

 Innovation in technique: Lac and metallic fusion is an uncanny “put-together” which nevertheless looks original and creates a drastic impact. Lac is a resin compound extracted from trees. Designers have experimented with Lac version in recent years and the market reviews speak goldenly. The use of lac is typified in beads alternated with metallic inputs which establish the main theme for the jewellery piece. However one thing to remember is that lac is a very delicate material and needs proper handling and care. Apart from this, there are several other fusions that you can opt for. Enquire with retailers.

 Shapes and designs: Innovation in shapes and designs is perhaps the most important concern for designers. There has been some quick transition in designs. Designers try their best to unite conventional and trendy factors to create new labels. The play of geometry and material input decides largely on the end result. And yet everyone loves to play with asymmetrical shapes and temper the look with ethnic touch. This is the current trend. These days coil-shaped necklace, half necklace and the like types are quite in demand.

 A punch of glamour in Ethnic jewellery: Ethnic jewellery is always a stand out, no matter the age or time. The look itself inspires awe and fascination. However designers have successfully dealt away with the “Typical character” of such jewellery. The mould has been re-cast and the look speaks forth of a new genre altogether.

 Theme: Innovation is another name for theme. Down two yesterdecades, the finesse of jewellery was a self contained matter; something that pertained only to the look of the piece. Now days’ jewellery is much about ideas and feelings.  The theme therefore is very important. This is a brand new aspect in the field of jewellery designing.

 Utility factor: This is another important consideration to weigh. While jewellery still remains much of an investment, yet the idea of locking away precious stuff is no more common. Consequentially the demand for utility jewellery is perpetually increasing by days.