International Spring Jewellery Collection: Some Interesting Trends


Each season has its own glamour and it is not passé to adapt styles varying with the seasonal changes. Likewise spring has its own characteristics; this season goes rampant with bold and mute experimentation when it comes to attires and jewellery trends. This article will surmise some of the niche elements that can brighten up your spring 2012 in a unique way.

  • Be a part of nature.  Go green and adorn yourself with crystals and swarovskis or charming irregular beaded collection. Jewellery made of shell, wood and natural stones, the big and unshapely one are good in demand in the market as spring fashion accessories.
  •  Bold and beautiful spring fashion recommends big dramatic earring or fashion hoops.  Geometrical fashion earrings and pendants are other choices for spring 2012. Metallic shine and satin matte can make your day, if you can assemble good picks. The right make-up and shades will introduce a glamour quotient in your look.
  • The colour of your jewellery can be set in contrast to the attires you wear. Also you can consider wearing huge studs of like colours those that will complement your dress. Handmade organic jewelry will be in great demand this spring so raise your own collection to bear the unique stamp. Red, orange, gold yellow ochre are some great choice in shade.  Pink, purple, blues and water-sheds will enhance the spring factor.

 These are general commonplace spring trends. However, the present fashion world largely pivots round international happenings.  So let’s take a look at the international trends of spring 2012.

The effect of recession still looms large in people’s mind. And therefore the conscious cut off from elaborate gaudy jewellery and dresses. Simplicity is much the call of the day. That is why; thinner chains and simple designs are two core features of fashion this spring. Jewellery made of natural and earthly things like beads, stones, woods and other eco- friendly materials are in vogue. The value of pearls remains the same: a pearl made small stud or pretty pendants enhances beauty in simplicity. Moreover, these are affordable collection on which you can invest easily.

There is an overview of the spring 2012 jewellery collection.

  • Simple and exotic necklaces have taken place of gorgeous and neck covering ornamental pieces.
  • Ornamented and beaded bracelets will be an all time favourite.
  • Jewelries like stones and crystals are in high demand
  • Bold contrasts and neutrals shades are hot favourite spring shades.
  • Pearls, retains its glamour as it had in the past.
  • As for earrings, go with enormous studs, hoops and danglers
  • The ‘go green’ concept is still acceptable this coming spring 2012.


All said it is always a good go to self-innovate stuffs and mix and match things.