Jewellery For Festive Season

The festive season is just one month away. Besides gorgeous outfits, delectable food, family gathering and buying gifts it is the best time to enrobe latest designer gold and diamond jewellery. Starting from durga puja to diwali and bhai duj, there are umpteen occasions to flaunt your favorite jewellery.


Lucrative Deals

The famous jewellery shops in Kolkata come up with lucrative deals this time that attract many customers. As we all know that dhanteras is a festival during diwali when each person wants to buy some jewellery as his pocket permits. It shows the prosperity and wealth in our tradition.

Apart from that durga puja plays a pivotal role in every Bengali’s mind to flaunt latest designer bijouterie. All Bengalis be it Kolkata residents or NRIs take the benefit of mind boggling deals the shops offer. It can be said that festivals are the perfect time to buy as well as flaunt jewellery.

What’s on The Cards


Jewellery connoisseurs belong to a niche market that follows a typical trend each year regarding what to buy and what is latest to seize the attention. Nowadays women are mostly into Kundan, Polki and Platinum jewellery.


This specific kind of jewellery has been around for almost a while. Derived from ancient time this special kind provides a complete look particularly in festivals. Elegant in style kundan earrings and neck pieces go great with ethnic outfits.


Polki is basically uncut diamonds studded and crafted in gold. People’s craze for diamonds makes polki jewellery most hot and happening. Nowadays women are crazy about this specific type. Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are the four crucial parameters that determines the quality and price of diamonds.

Platinum Ornaments

Near the uber group of people enrobing platinum holds a statement. Platinum products are authenticated by a third party certification apart from the manufacturers that is known as UL cards that certifies the authenticity of the product. Because of its after sales value platinum creates a signature in the field of jewellery manufacturing.

The Strong development of Kolkata Jewellery Market


Consumers for this particular market never really decrease, not even if it suffers from recession. Kolkata being the healthy hub of jewellery making goes strong without any hiccups. Here in this city the market depends on loyalty as the client base stays with their trusted jewelers for generations. Festivals give the manufacturers a clean picture that people will buy bijouterie in this city, if not in bulk then in smaller amount.