Jewellery Trends 2016, A Retrospection

As the Year End arrives in the threshold it is the time to retrospect the trend in the jewellery industry has been noticed throughout the year. One of the best jewellery shops Kolkata Such as Sawansukha Jewellers expresses their view that jewellery has gone beyond the role of adornment to a higher level that captures attention and awareness. Breathtaking variety in designs and a healthy combination of customized stone studded jewellery has seized the market trend from the very beginning of the year 2016 and continues throughout the year mostly. Here comes our most sincere effort to enlighten our readers about the jewellery trends of the year 2016.

The Best Jewellery for Everyone

Especially during the festivities and wedding seasons, the ornament houses come up with numerous ideas to lure the customers; be it the redemption in the making charges or vouchers with every purchase etc. Basically, if someone carefully follows the market trend he can start with the smallest ones and gradually build up a treasure trove over the years without making a big hole in the pocket.


Jewellery for Everyday

Once it was restricted that you can wear special jewellery on special occasions only but with a vast change in the market scenario and keeping in the mind the need of the working women many jewellery houses came up with sleek designs, dainty finished comfort jewellery for everyday wear. This year delicate gold pendants with a single stone, small ear studs, sleek bangles were most favorites among the connoisseurs.


The Lavish Wedding Ornaments

The heavy bridal jewellery Kolkata predicted in the beginning of the year that polki, diamond and jadau jewellery are going to rule the year in the segment of heavy jewellery and guess what! They were absolutely right. Be it weddings, fashion shows, films and festivals all heavily studded jadau and polki had their says during ongoing year. Chokers and statement necklaces were also the trend setters in 2016.


The Eternal Gold

Be it white or yellow in color, gold has the last say if it comes for jewellery trends. We are all gold lovers, though platinum is gradually taking and making place among the urban group of buyers but the appeal, a gold ornament holds in the mind of common people in eternal.


Your life style and persona is best reflected through a piece of jewellery so always go for bijouterie that you’re comfortable wearing in, it will enhance and uplift your confidence and spirit in no time not only this year but many more years to come.