Fusion Jewellery Trends for Brides Autumn 2011

Fusion Bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery in India means “volume”, “glamour” and “status”. jewelry is an asset, and Indians by no means are miserly to spent when it comes to choosing jewellery for the wedding. Different traditions and cultures have different types of jewellery worn to signify marriage.

A quick review of autumn trends 2011: Go panache: As far as fusions and influences are concerned, panache is the favourite word with designers. While the gaudiness remains intact, the brides-to-be are more conscious about the finesse and dignity of the jewellery. Wedding jewelleries are ordered in accordance to the colours and make of the trousseau.

Most important character pieces:There are some jewellery kinds that are an absolute must have for wedding purposes: necklace, mangalsutra, bangles or chur, rings, earings, Maangtika, Nupur. In case you want to go elaborate then there are items like bajubandh (forearm band), tiara (headgear), bichha, chuttki (toe ring), nose ring etc. to choose from.

Brides always prefer wearing good amount of gold or precious uncut stones. The trends of 2011 shows that the Mughal style has come back and women have once more shifted their attention to Minakari works. The glamour quotient is added on by the infusion of uncut diamonds, fresh water pearls, white gold works etc. even the last year women preferred wearing chic utility jewelry. This year the attitude has changed and consumers are keen to have custom made jewelleries from renowned retails. The look is ever-changing and the trend is that of unmatched treasures. After all weddings are always special affairs.