Kids Jewellery: How to Make the Best Choice

Children these days are super conscious about what they wear, how they look! These are smart kids, independent and self- conscious. Try coaxing them to put on something that they do not like- and you are done! Yes gone are days when our mothers say,  would be the last choice, gone are times when fat oily braids was ‘the hair-do’ of the season, lost are times when a little chic golden chain used to be ‘the Childhood–Treasure’. 

Now its time you forget the gold, its old – get something fun! When it comes to kid’s jewellery, parents have to invest wisely. Another advice is – don’t get typical. Kids, given their age will never understand the ‘value’ or ‘worth’ of precious metal or gem. They would rather go by the look of the design- whether it suits their persona or not, and whether it’s trendy enough to be flaunted amongst peers.

Also it’s a bad idea to load your kids up with costly accessories! So here you have three simple tips – don’t get too nagging and try and make your kids wear what you like, second don’t bother much about valuable items, and third it’s better not to festoon them! After all your kid is not a show-piece.

If you want you can design the jewellery yourself, try working upon a design that will evoke interest of your little one, cartoon outlines, name jewellery, chic geometrical patterns, divine symbols. Whatever you design keep it light weight and utility stuff. If yours is a girl then you can gift helluva things: earrings, bracelets, neck-piece, nose pierce and more. But if you have a boy then a ring or a locket can suffice much. These days there’s a craze with boy-kids to wear bracelets. Better design something that goes with their gender. Gold is a big No if you want to buy your son a bracelet. Rather choose from platinum, white gold or silver.

For girls you can get something done in stone or get jewellery in alloy. Gold and silver blend it doing great this season. It provides a unique character and feel to the jewellery. Whatever you intend to buy, its best you look up designer stores in the city. Go through catalogues, the best store will definitely provide you with something special, for you kid.