Know About Top Jewellery Trends 2017

Jewellery in the year 2017 is going to be marked mostly with the individuality; the maker of best solitaire in Kolkata, Sawansukha Jewellers emphasized the upcoming trends as well as strengths and weaknesses in the jewellery sector. According to big fashion houses and designers, no jewellery will be considered as dull in 2017 be it the expensive gold or diamond jewellery or hand crafted costume jewellery.

What Are The Things in The Platter
Customized silver bracelets, cocktail rings, chokers are the trend setters in 2017. Massive rings in the form of animals with lots of stones will be the new evening style. Also the rings with bizarre shape and boho colors i.e. blue, turquoise, red and silver will dominate the fashion industry. Big chandeliers and jhumkas will set the trend in earring segment.
Is Floral Motif Going to Rule?
Designer gold jewellery Kolkata specifies that floral motifs in necklaces and bracelets will be ‘in’ in the coming year. Various colors of flowers that are mounted on chains, leathers, fabrics and laces are very fashionable. Multiple bangles and bracelets are worn together nowadays and 2017 will be no exception; you can wear several together in one hand.

Retro Is The Way
Any jewellery piece stylized in retro or vintage style will say the last word in the jewellery market. Around the neck old classic jewellery that is suitable for many occasions are presented in a vast wide variety in the present market; some bright jewellery with colorful crystals will be considered as trendy. The earrings that are antique and in very large size will look great and voluminous in the next year. You should wear the things you personally adore and those can reflect the inner ‘you’ positively.

The Homemade Style Will Be Popular
Jewellery that is made with threads, papers, semi precious stones will be popular in 2017 and not only that, if you have enough courage and imagination start to think and create your own brand and promote it. Right clothing, perfect accessories and color combinations, right texture of fabrics are there to reflect your personality as well as charisma. It is very necessary to detect the changes in fashion trends, you do not have to follow the market trend always rather hone your own style by implementing relevant accessories from jewellery showroom Kolkata.