Kolkata Jeweller Sawansukha Felicitated Jewellery Karigars

Cheers to Aamar Pariwar


Stage Set for Aamar Pariwar


Siddhartha Sawansukha Greeting Karigars

The hardworking karigar is the backbone of the jewellery industry – the one who turns the designer’s imagination into reality. Yet he remains unheralded, his contribution unacknowledged, his skill unrecognized. Recently, Calcutta-based Sawansukha sought to make a difference with “Aamar Parivaar” a full day programme with the management, staff and its family of karigars.  

Planned a month in advance “Aamar Parivaar” was held on 11th December, 2011 at Raichak, the riverside resort about 50 km from Kolkata. Around 200 karigars were invited by the Company’s Karigar Departmental heads, who visited them personally at the karigar hubs of Kansaripara, Domjur and Singur- hubs.  

On the appointed day transportation was organized from Kansaripara and Domjur, where the karigars assembled by 11.30 a.m. They were all welcomed in traditional style with an aarti thaali of vermillion and diya at the event. This was followed by breakfast. The ride to Raichak took about two hours and was marked with much cheer and singing.  

The whole garden at Raichak was beautifully decorated with separate sitting, dinning, buffet and stage arrangements. Mr. Rupchand and Siddharthaa Sawansukha personally greeted every guest. Then agenda was to build bridges, enjoy the day and give recognition to karigars who work for the company through the year. 20 karigars in different categories were felicitated during the ceremony. 

After the serious business of speeches and felicitations, the mood was lightened with games like blowing balloons, jumping partners, musical chairs etc. This was followed by lunch and then a live rock band took the dais to set feet tapping. Before they finished, everyone was dancing with not a single person left standing.  

An instant photo corner, where everyone posed and got clicked was the final highlight, giving each one an enduring memory of the day. After the evening snacks it was sadly time for “Aamar Parivaar” to begin the ride back. The evening ended with the promise to return same time, next year and every year!