Probashi Durga Pujas

It is that time of the year again- the time of festivals and festivities. Durga Pujas is considered to be the biggest festival of the Bengalis. It is often told that wherever there are 10 Bengali families in the world there is a Durga Puja. Bengalis all over the world celebrate Durga Puja with élan. These Pujas have spread across numerous cities globally. It is a fact that not just in the United States or UK, Probashi Pujas are a part and parcel of all the major cities in the world. From the east to the west coast, cities across the United States to London, Stuttgart, Toronto, Ottawa, Brussels, Zurich, Moscow, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai to down under Melbourne and so many other cities, one gets to see the celebration of Pujas in ways that are both traditional and modern. Not just the Bengalis, the Indian diaspora also join in the Puja festivities. Though the essence of the Puja spirit remains the same, what is unique is that, with the changing times, the Probashi Pujas are undergoing a subtle change often in keeping with the laws of the foreign lands. Are away from Kolkata during Pujas? What does it feel like? The Probashis share their thoughts on how they feel about Probashi pujo! Another probashi- Arnab, from Allentown says, “When for three days you re-create the magic with dhaak, dhuno, and dhoop. When the smell of khichudi wafts around and blends with aromatic punch of flavored mutton. When saree and dhuti rule the day and greetings are followed by enquiries of well-being. Probashi Pujas means being Bong witn a bang no matter where you are!” And more probashi speak: And many more.. Visit to view more such interesting opinions and views of probashis.