Promise Her a Lifetime This Love Season

The lovers from the 16th cent England had their own way of showering love to their ‘dear ladies’. They used to promise their love and affection to their beloved in the form of rings that were engraved with love quotes and poems. Termed as ‘Posy rings’ they left the hearts of the young ladies in flutter. Isn’t it romantic?

Planning to gift her something equally romantic yet meaningful? How about gifting him or her promise ring, as a token of commitment and promise to your better half! This Valentine’s Day bring back the Romance of the Victorian era with the beautifully crafted solitaire rings or Promise rings, which are romantic and nothing less than poetry, thanks to the elegance and finesse.

A posy ring, a token of love, a seal of words, a pre engagement ring or rather a promise ring. There has been a lot of confusion, but the meaning surely remains the same- a commitment and a promise to love your other half till eternity. There is an inherent appeal of promise ring thanks to the varied levels of meanings these ring have. For some a promise ring is the commitment to get engaged soon, while for many it is a symbol of the dedication and love couples have for each other.

As the love season is officially here, why not gift your darling something that will hold special to her and would mean something to her all her life. This Valentine’s Day or rather Promise Day promise to be her Prince Charming and turn her life into a fairytale. Let her fall for you again this love season as you promise to love her till eternity. Gift her a beautiful solitaire ring, crafted with love and designed to elegance from Sawansukha Jewellers this February.

Love is a beautiful emotion and it should be everlasting, not like the month of February. Add a touch of eternity with the beautifully crafted promise rings studded with beautiful and priceless diamonds. Drop in at the best diamond jewelers in Kolkata and make her dream come true this Valentine’s Day.