Sawansukha Jewelers Adds New Gem to Its Crown

As if owning finest jewellery was not enough!

Jewellery is something which not only women but everyone loves to treasure. For some it is investment, for some it is a way to enhance your beauty, for some it is to flaunt your royalty and riches and when the jewellery comes from a house like Sawansukha Jewellers, they become a piece of art.


For art connoisseurs, Sawansukha Jewellery pieces are not just jewellery but art, crafted meticulously with skills that have been passed down for generations from the hub of Polki and Jadau jewellery. To add more to their crown, Sawansukha has received certification from the IGI for their Polki jewellery which is the first of its kind in India.


Sawansukha Jewellers have been always known for their quality and craftsmanship and this certification is the biggest assurance of the quality of the polka gems they use on their Polki jewellery set. This certification gives an extra security to the jewellery patrons about the quality of the product they are investing on, making the beautiful jewellery pieces an asset for a lifetime and making them perfect as heirlooms.

So this festive season, invest in a IGI certified Polki Set from the best designer jewellery house, Sawansukha Jewellers.