Sawansukha Jewellers Spread Their Wing With A Felicitation From Jewel Trendz

August 2016 has been one of the most important  time for Sawansukha Jewellers and especially for Siddharthaa Sawansukha. It was on 3rd August 2016 that  Siddharthaa Sawansukha, the CEO of Sawansukha Jewellers got awarded by Jewel Trendz as one of the most prestigious and renowned “Retailer Of The Gems And Jewellery Industry Of India. The event was held at SAHARA STAR and Mr. Sawansukha, who describes himself as an artist, jewellery designer, entrepreneur and educationalist was present to represent the hard work of Sawansukha jewelleers. They have been in the jewellery business for the last 200 years and it was in 1999 that the first showroom was inaugurated in Kolkata. It was Mr. Sawansukha with his Bachelor’s Degree in Jewellery Design and Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America, USA who took up the mantle and took the Kolkata business forward to make it the success it is today.

The One Of Its Kind Innovator

It is Mr. Sawansukha who has understood the importance of modern and innovative designs along with the need for light weight jewellery that is a need of the hour. Sawansukha Jewellers has a widespread reach in the fields of export, manufacturing, retailing, design and wholesale. While establishing a business is important, Mr. Sawansukha also believes in furthering design education. With this view in mind, he has conceptualized and initiated the Sawansukha Institute of Gemology & Jewellery Design in 2008. The award by Jewel Trendz is a recognition of all the hard work that Mr. Sawansukha had put in to further the jewellery business.

Position Of Jewel Trendz

Jewel Trendz is one of the biggest name when it comes to multi-media publisher and service associated with the  gems and jewellery industry in India. Their services include B2B and B2C exhibitions, trade magazine, Jewellery photo shoot, SMS and what’s app services, Online, Consultancy, telephonic and other utility services. The event at which Mr. Sawansukha was awarded is one of the most prestigious awards that is awarded by the company and has been a right reward for the perseverance shown by the whole of Team Sawansukha.