Shout Out Loud This Mother’s Day- Mum Kisise Kum Nahi


Ever since we open our eyes, we see one person who is always there for us, saving us, feeding us, guarding us, teaching us. Today, when you look back, you would see, whatever you are today is because of that single person. She must have defended you when you were wronged, hugged you when you were low, scolded you for your little mischief and loved you every day, yes, that person is your Mum.


As the world gears up to celebrate Mother’s Day, what is your plan for your Wonder Woman? Sawansukha Jewellers gives you a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with your Mum with a difference.


At Sawansukha Jewellers we believe that every Mom is a hero and will always remain our biggest inspiration. They have all had a heroic journey since they became a Mom, because being a Mom is a full time job and our Mums aces multitasking. This Mother’s Day share the heroic tales of your Mum and let the world, be inspired by her. Share the wonderful journey your mother has been through and you may get a chance to get featured in our page and celebrate these unsung heroes who have been around us silently, motivating and inspiring us, helping us and teaching us.


At Sawansukha Jewellers, we have always been in love with priceless jewels and extraordinary collection and what else can be more precious than your Mum and more valuable than their heroic tales. So this Mother’s Day, celebrate your first hero, because Mum Kisise Kum Nahi