Best Designs in Polki Jewellery: Steal the Bride’s Heart!

At least a decade ago a new trend had started of wearing light jewellery for weddings- jewellery for daily wear. It was following an international tradition which was vastly different from the Indian sense of styling and fashion. Jewellery to an Indian woman is not just an item for beatification but it is also a symbol of auspiciousness and women hood at large. Hence despite being the presence of light jewellery there has always been a call for traditional designs and this has been rightly defined when we saw Polki Jewellery.

An Association With Royalty

There has always been a huge craze for uncut diamond jewellery as it has a sense of luxuriousness attached to it. But for those women who indeed want to look to gorgeous and classy the best option one can grab is Polki jewellery. This is because the design and the intricacy of work have a royal legacy which is inherent and which can definitely give an edge to the any women wearing it.

A Perfect Pick For A Bride

The appeal of Polki designs and jewellery at large has been indomitable and hence it is difficult to perceive any Indian bride without it. From a big fat Indian wedding to a simple classy wedding, Polki jewellery sets has always find its way to the bride’s wardrobe. Whether be for the Sangeet ceremony or for the final day, from simple earrings to the heavy intricate patterns, this jewellery is indeed an easy venture to make you look stunning and attractive as a bride instantly.

The Indomitable Appeal Of Polki In The Tinsel Town

The Polki jewellery has been so unique and has carved such a fine niche for itself that it never had to find a way for its promotion. It has a adapted and flaunted by divas from Aishwariya Rai Bachchan to Shilpa Shetty in the Bollywood tinsel town to the new comers and style icons like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Even industrialists like Nita Ambani have been seen to flaunt Polki jewellery in several wedding ceremonies.

The reason why Polki jewellery is still popular is because the effort to make this kind of jewellery can be reflected in the craftsmanship ad despite being their cost they have always been a part of Indian fashionistas. There is definitely a room for light jewellery but Polki is one that no stylish woman can do without.