Three Top Things to Look When Buying a Solitaire Ring

Jewellery is the ultimate desirable item of every woman in wherever part you are in this world. They are somehow attached to each other in an eternal bond hence the innovative designs in jewellery. But those who want to go for light jewellery yet stay classy and sophisticated go for solitaire. They never go off the trend and have an appeal to every woman regardless of age. Among this it is a solitaire ring which is the most appealing to woman since it is aesthetic and romantic in its appeal. But buying a solitaire is no easy job as it involves a lot of money specially when you are going for a diamond one which is the most popular pick.

Cut of the stone

Since the stone is the prime feature of a solitaire the qualities of the ring depend on it and one of these is the cut of the stone. Whether be diamond or emerald or rubies the stone must have facets that are symmetrical. This means that the cut should be so proportionate that the interplay of light reflections can be completely visible through the stone. This is important because it accentuates the brilliance and aesthetic charm of the solitaire.

Colour of the stone

In case you are going for a diamond solitaire make sure that the more whiter the stone is the more appealing it would turn out to be. While clarity is what we seek in diamonds it’s the lack of it that brings out the colour and originality of rubies and emeralds. Brightness comes along with inclusions in these stones and for solitaires the clarity in the colour is important.

Design of the solitaire

It is the look of the solitaire that is the essential part of the designing of the ring. Solitaire designing is indeed difficult as the designer always has to keep in mind that it is the stone which is the centre of attention and the rest of the design should never overdo the appeal of the stone. Rather it has to blend beautifully with the stone so that it looks compact and attractive.

One of the other things to look in solitaires is their maintenance specially when you are making it a daily wear jewellery. The four small prongs that hold the ring are important as in case of regular wear they get loose and can damage the stone. In case you are going for diamond solitaires carat becomes an important criterion.