Tips For Buying Fine Jewellery

Fine Indian Jewellery

Fine jewellery made of pearl is a timeless treasure. Pearls are the last word on timeless elegance and sophistication. While this was a costly jewel even in the late 19th century, now a days the affordability rate has increased and every one with a desire to look exquisite can generously opt for this ethereally beautiful jewel.

Pearl is a delicate organic gemstone that is produced naturally by a shelled mollusk. However all “wild pearls” or “natural pearls” are not fit enough to be crafted for jewellery making. The pearls that are commonly used for accessorial purposes are generally “man-made pearls” or “cultured pearls”.
Selecting fine jewellery:

 Before buying any pearl jewellery it is best to enquire upon the quality of the product. The make, the shape, the size, the colour and the luster are the basic considerations that can highly distinguish a base pearl from that of a valuable one.

The luster: The luster of pearls is one of the most important aspects that decides its value. While natural pearls are chalkier in their appearance the cultured pearls are processed to render a better and brighter shine. However the overtones generally tend to differ slightly in their colour from the original pearl base.

The surface of the gemstone: The second consideration that much determines the merit of pearls is the surface or the contour. Prominently the wild pearls usually have an uneven surface. On the other hand the cultured pearls are highly polished and evened to render a silky touch when rubbed between fingers.

The shape: The shapes of all pearl are generally spherical or baroque, and not perfectly round. If the pearl is a natural gem them commonly the shapes can even vary a little. But because cultured pearl is artificially manufactured it is more akin to the original round shape. The more round the make of the pearl the more expensive it becomes.

The size: The size of the gemstone can vary with preference of the wearer. Pearls are generally measured in millimeters. However custom made pearls can be a lot bigger than the common sizes in which most of the pearls are available.

Cultured pearls come in different colours. Some very popular choice includes white, grey, black, blue, pink etc.

Further more while choosing a fine pearl jewelry, one must also enquire on the process of pearl culture. Generally the pearl cultured in freshwater has a less expensive budget line than the high cultured oceanic pearls.