Tips to Choose Right Bridal Jewellery Designs

Bridal Jewellery Designs


Irrespective of national, religious and community identity women all over the world will probable agree on one single point that the wedding day is one of the most significant days of one’s life. In a country like India where marriages involves elaborate rituals and customs, weddings take on a added symbolism as a way to uphold long forgotten traditions and heritage of the land. Is it any wonder that marriages in India are celebrated at a grand larger than life scale? Nor is it surprising that parents start to shop for the bridal trousseau months before the wedding.   

Keep An Eye Open: Every single item in the wedding trousseau is purchased after careful consideration and thought. Traditional Indian bridal jewellery which comes in myriad of eye catching and stunning varieties too make up a very important part of the wedding ensemble. The bridal jewellery needs to be perfectly coordinated and matched up with the wedding attire, complexion and facial structure of the bride to be, time of the wedding and so on.   

The Perfect Match: No two individuals are same; neither are their tastes in jewellery or clothes similar. Of course while shopping for bridal jewellery it is not simply individual preferences that needs to be considered, other factors like the kind of wedding dress chosen, a persons looks and complexion. Jewellery should complement the bride’s clothes and features instead of clashing. Bulky extravagant gold jewellery with dusky complexion is not a good combination, nor would heavy jewellery go well in summer season. In summer it is always preferable to go for lighter gemstone and diamond jewellery that has a sleek and elegant look as these would be easy to wear as well as maintain.   

Light Is Good: Remember to consider your facial structure and complexion while purchasing jewellery for that special day of your life so that the jewellery you wear compliments your over all appearance to create a picture of beauty and grace. Wedding jewellery includes number of pieces like necklaces, mang teeka, bangles, armlets, anklets, kamarbandhs, earrings, rings, nose ornaments and so on; each and every piece needs to match and complement each other or else a contrasting styles can create a disastrous image. Another common mistake that many Indian brides commit is wearing too much jewellery whereby they end up looking like showpieces or mannequins on the wedding day. Wear only the right amount jewellery that make you look good instead of donning every expensive ornament you own. The bride on her wedding day should be the epitome of beauty, elegance and grace and to ensure it coordinating different elements of the bridal trousseau is crucial.   

Final piece of advice provided by Kolkata bridal jewelers include being a smart buyer by opting for such jewellery that you would be able to wear on other occasions as well.