Top Indian Jewelry Trends For 2014

Mae West once commented, “I never worry about diets.  The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond.” This quote for me sums up the wonderful love affair that women all over the world have with exquisitely designed, intricately crafted and incredibly expensive jewelry.

9 out every 10 women will tell you that jewelry features high on their shopping list. In fact the use of jewelry may be traced back thousands of years in to prehistoric past of human kind. Archeological excavation have shown that humans, both men and women, wore primitive crudely made jewelry pieces to adorn themselves even before they began to live in houses. Designer jewelry from earliest days has been a way of human expression of wealth, social status, personality and mood.

Trends for This Season

Today, gold, silver, diamond and precious gem jewelry pieces along with costume and fashion jewelry are a way to make a personal style statement. As, in clothes and other accessories, jewelry industry too is subject to fashion trends that come into vogue at certain times and seasons. When a modern woman goes shopping for jewelry to accentuate her looks and add a touch of glamour to her ensemble, she must keep the latest trends in jewelry designs in mind. Here is a sneak peak into the top jewelry trends in , dominated by bold and loud designs.

  • Delicate filigree work and single pendants are out this season. Loud, bold and chunky pieces are the way to go in . Statement necklaces in bigger shapes with huge stones and funky designs drawing heavy inspiration from tribal jewelry are a craze right now.  A mix of metals – gold, silver and bronze along with semi precious stones like amethyst, garnet, coral etc will be the highlight.
  • Mix and match bangles and cuffs are in focus this season. Forget about those single bangles or cuffs; stack them up to cerate an eclectic style instead. Create your own signature style by mixing bangles in different colours, metals and styles.
  • Chunky colourful chandelier earrings studded with precious or semi-precious gems never seem to grow out of style. These danglers reaching up to the shoulders fell out of favour last year but they are already set to make a huge comeback in . Along with precious stones and crystals, glass beads and uncut diamonds will also be in vogue this year.
  • The layered look is hot in  both in clothes and jewelry. Layered chains are the hottest trend this season and you may even stack up individual chains to create a layered look. When shopping for a layered chain trick is to look for one that has many elements and textures. Silver chains with pearls and crystal beads are very popular right now.

  • Chunky cocktail rings with colourful semi-precious stones are all the rage this season. Instead of emeralds and sapphires, women are opting for different coloured stones like peridot, aquamarine and corals. Floral and animal motifs are very popular. Gold and silver remain eternal favourites but bronze and copper are also gaining popularity as cheaper alternatives.