Trends in Bridal Diamond Jewellery Designs: Blue Diamond are Emerging as a Popular Choice

Elizabeth Taylor only repeated the inner desire of all women when she quipped “Big girls need big diamond”. Beautiful, dazzling diamond pendants and solitaires bring that fine sparkle into the eyes of women that very few things can match. In recent times, fancy coloured diamonds like pale pink, intense azure and sparkling green have caught the imagination of the bold and beautiful celebs. Katie Holmes to Jennifer Lopez many rich and powerful women have been found to flaunt their most prized possessions, fancy coloured diamond jewellery.

Indian Bridal Jewellery Scene: Indian bridal jewelers opine that in present times there has been a steady popularity of the stunning azure diamond engagement rings in both domestic and international markets.  When it comes to traditional Indian bridal jewellery, gold rules the stage with indigenous crafts like Kundan, Jadau, Meenakari etc making a grand come back this wedding season. However, diamond jewellery too has emerged as an exclusive niche within the bridal trousseau particularly for those women who prefer a more minimalistic style over the opulent extravagance of traditional designs. Kolkata bridal jewellery stores have also been known to combine traditional crafts like Kundan Jadau with diamonds, coloured diamonds in particular mix well. Diamond solitaire is of course the favourite choice for engagement rings with azure diamonds leading the list right now.

Diamonds Are for Ever: Diamond solitaire engagement ring is the symbol of eternal love and commitment, stunning light to vivid intense blue diamonds spread what words cannot. Ranging from intense azure to lighter softer indigo blue diamonds are available in myriad of  shades with vivid grade blue diamonds being the most rare and expensive varieties sold. Blue diamonds in light blue shade as well as those possessing hues of purple and turquoise mixed are more readily available. Kolkata bridal jewellery stores have also been known to change the carbon composition of diamonds a little to produce rocks in more intense shades on popular demand.

The Blue Magic: The most famous blue diamond in the world is none other than the 45.52 carat Hope diamond that can be found displayed in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, donated by none other than celebrated jeweler Harry Winston. Once called the Travernier Blue, it was once owned by French King Louis XVI who gifted it to his beautiful wife Mary Antoinette. In early 1900 it came into possession of the wealthy Hope family from whom the diamond got its present name. However, it is the Heart of the Sea or Le Coeur de la Mer, form the movie Titanic that caught the public imagination and fueled a renewed interest in blue diamonds. The actress Gloria Stewart, who played the older Rose who dropped the stunning blue diamond into the sea, wore a 15 carat azure diamond to the 1999 Oscar ceremony creating a new trend that has led to fancy coloured diamonds becoming one of the hottest picks in global markets.