Tips to Buy Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Diamonds are girls’ best friend or is it girls are diamond’s best friend, tough to tell.  Both ways the statement is true and an uncurbed fact. There is not a woman on earth who would not be on cloud nine to be proposed with a diamond solitaire. But mind you size does matter when you are gifting a woman a solitaire.

A piece of diamond jewellery Kolkata gives a woman many things like pride, power, and the feel of love, care and above all the beauty of life itself. Therefore, choosing the diamond jewellery for your women can be a tricky task. People often do not know what to look for while picking up diamond jewellery. But when bought with full care and knowledge it becomes a cherished buy.

Why diamonds are always preferred?

People may have personal preferences of stones and their effect, diamond is an absolute favourite with all. It is not merely a precious stone that decides upon the class of the person wearing it, but it is a sentiment that reflects many expressions. Diamond has forever been the symbolic representation of eternal love and fire. It speaks about deep secretive desires of the heart which gains transparency of feelings through this precious gem. No words can define the actual worth of diamond. They are timeless eternal expressions which are best defined by their own sparkle!

Check out the Colour, Cut and Carat when you Buy

Flaunting a big solitaire from diamond jewellery Kolkata collection in hand is an alluring proposal. However what is more of a requirement is to understand what size will determine the boldness of the jewellery. Simple yet esoteric, a big size diamond solitaire ring can easily overpower the attention of the onlookers. The colour, the cut and the carat matters the most about diamonds. Generally the round or spherical cut is very popular.

Buy Stones that Match the Shape of Your Hand

Even the square or marquise or opal cut is common with designers. However just picking up a huge ring without considering the shape and size of the hand of the wearer will be a bad idea. Diamond merges with the personality of an individual, so one must be conscious about the properties that will help choose the best suited diamond solitaire ring.

And finally diamond is an expensive investment and so makes sure you only buy it from reputed jewelers.