Year End Jewellery: Jewellery to Flaunt During Year End

The year 2016 comes to an end and the New Year anticipates lots of reasons to celebrate. The jewellery trend in the market throws some lights on the drifts of the year. The best jewelers Kolkata sawansukha adds that with the price of gold soaring over the past few years consumer’s feelings for the old family ornaments as well as new trends have changed drastically.

The Purchasing Scenario

People started to look to the family’s inherited jewellery less as cherished heirlooms and more as liquid assets; they keep these for investments and on the other hand for new jewellery purchase. This huge change is observed nowadays. Many financers and government and non-government organizations have come up to provide gold loans on an instant basis. People, who used to deserve a special place for the inherited jewellery now became more practical and using the assets in good, constructive ways.

The Trend So Far

The 2016 jewellery scenario throws some lights on the trend of this year; polki, diamond studded and jadau jewellery captured the vast heavy jewellery market this year. Traditional and classic old gold ornaments snatched the weddings and festivities. Designer jewellery showroom Kolkata informed that the daily wearable sleek and trendy items such as single stoned pendants or ear studs fulfilled the working women’s bijouterie needs.


Connection of Finest Jewellery With Contemporary World

In the last few years the gold jewellery with studded gems were considered as non fashionable items but with the drastic change in the market the gold and platinum jewellery that have single or multiple stones studded in it is gaining the connoisseur’s applause. In a small but significant way, it can be said that however recent seasons have seen fashion jewellery coming into steps again but it is manifested that precious metals as well as polki and diamonds also have taken a good place in the consumer’s mind.


Trends arrive and depart but the appeal of the finest jewellery is always the same in the mind of the appreciators. Women are the best ones to befriend a bijouterie; they know how to flaunt a particular piece of jewellery to stand apart in a crowd. They are the trend setters and critique whose reviews and predictions can be followed blindly especially when jewellery is concerned.